Innovation where it matters

Majority of rural India’s 600 million plus citizen do not use internet regularly, despite the benefits it can generate - time, energy and savings. This is because most companies do not focus on solutions for a village’s diverse population and needs. Sterlite GARV is different. We are a passionate team of innovators who believe rural citizens should have equal opportunity to benefit from the internet. Leveraging years of experience in hardware and software, our team created GARV Digital Access Point - an integrated, rural-focused, multi-purpose solution.

Sterlite GARV - Innovation where it matters.

Our Team

Ankit Agarwal

Ankit Agarwal is Director at Sterlite Innovative Solutions Limited. Ankit Agarwal is an award winning technologist focusing on innovations for rural markets.

Shweta Agarwal

Shweta Agarwal is the CEO of Sterlite Innovative Solutions Limited. She is passionate about rural development and brings with her years of experience in hands-on work in rural environments.

Dr. Kanav Kahol

Kanav Kahol PhD is the CTO of Sterlite Innovative Solutions Limited.Dr Kahol is an award winning technologist focusing on innovations for rural markets.


Anjalli Ravi Kumar is a match-maker for social good. She’s an External Partnerships and Programmes specialist who helps marketing and business development teams identify causes and design programmes that serve business objectives through smart partnerships.

Kapil Sachan

Kapil Sachan is Sales Lead at Sterlite Innovative Solutions Limited. Kapil has years of experience in working with rural technologies.


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