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Bringing the power of the Internet to Rural India

Sterlite GARV Digital Access Point is an integrated system for enabling rural citizens to benefit from the internet. Today, villages are held back due to low device ownership, lack of individual internet connections and low digital literacy. Sterlite GARV Digital Access Point allow villagers to overcome these constraints to benefit from digital connectivity from day one. This, coupled with our high quality network of providers in Agri solutions, E-education, E-health, E-governance, E-commerce and many more core areas helps bring the digital world to the doorstep of rural communities.

Product Features

भारत नेट पहले से ही था| स्टरलाइट गर्व सिस्टम आने से हम लोगों को मालूम चल गया है यह बहुत ही उपयोगी है और इसका उपयोग हम भविष्य में करते रहेंगे|

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